Is The Internet Becoming Too Powerful?

I recently watched the two most recent “Conspiracy Theories with Shane Dawson”. (The links to the videos are at the bottom of the page). These are videos posted by the YouTuber Shane Dawson in which he describes many different conspiracy theories.  In the first part of the video he talks about deep fake. Deep fake is when a computer codes your face and can put your face on anyone. This is done to a lot to celebrities when they want to bring someone back and continue their character even if they have died. There is now a new app called FakeApp which can be used by anyone and does deep fakes. These faces look extremely realistic. This app can be become unsafe if put into the wrong hands.  These videos can make the person do and say whatever they want. This can become extremely dangerous when it comes to politics. There is a scenario in the video that is explained by a professor at Dartmouth college, Hany Farid, which says that someone could make a video of the president saying he is releasing nuclear weapons on North Korea. This video will go viral and in seconds, North Korea will send off their nuclear weapons. All this would occur because a fake video of the president was produced. I don’t know about you, but I find this very scary.

Later on in the video Shane discusses that our phone is constantly recording and listening to us. He goes on live photos on his phone and takes a picture of his friend. Apple says that the picture is a video of everything you did 3 seconds before and 3 seconds after the picture is taken. Shane questions how this is possible if the phone is not always recording us. If the phone was not always recording us they would not be able to get the 3 seconds before the picture is taken because the phone doesn’t know when the person is actually going to take the photo. It is very scary too me that the phones can always be recording you. The people behind the screens can use all this information they are gathering from you. It is an invasion of privacy. We are essentially never alone.

We have been discussing the way the internet is affecting and taking over our world in English class. I also explored this subject in my previous blog post. These conspiracy theories Shane talks about relates these discussions we have had in class and the projects people have done so far. These theories also relate to 1984 by George Orwell. Just like in the book people are always being listened to and have no privacy. These theories worry me. They show how easily news can be faked and how easily people can find out information about you. What do you think, are these programs on the internet becoming too powerful?

part 1 of Shane’s video:

part 2:

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