Tory Burch: A Successful Female Entrepreneur

bruch.PNGHave you ever thought about becoming an entrepreneur? In the episode “‘Be Prepared to thicken your skin’ –Tory Burch, founder of Tory Burch LLC, on Her Best Advice for Starting a Business” on the podcast Skimm’d from The Couch, Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg bring Tory Burch in to discuss her career and the way she believes how a business should be started and run. Tory never knew she wanted to be in fashion until she graduated college and took a job in PR for Ralph Lauren. She took an entrepreneurial view on this job and eventually started her own business. Today Tory Burch clothes are sold all over the world. She advocates for women’s entrepreneurship and voting.

The women were talking about how coming up with a name for a business can be challenging. Tory said that the best names are always the names that have personal tie to them. Danielle proceeded this discussion with the following question:

Danielle: The first time you got any critical feedback whether in fashion press or like anything out there and you saw it was about your own name, what was that like? Like I can’t even imagine that moment” (5:32).

Tory responded by saying the following:

“You know listen, I think you have to be prepared to thicken your skin if you are going to start a business. This is advice I got from my parents and they said this is going to be a journey and you have to not read a lot of thing and not care about a lot of things. You have to have your own point of view and believe in yourself. So I think whenever you get criticism it’s not always easy but it’s part of it and hopefully you can learn from it and sometimes its valid and sometimes its not but it’s always a good learning experience” (5:44).

The way Danielle worded this question was interesting. Usually people are asked what was it like to get criticism, but Danielle added the part about how criticism felt that was attached own name. This makes criticism a lot more personal.  I was not surprised about the way Tory responded to the question. Many people recognize that criticism is going to happen no matter what they do. Like Tory said, you just can’t take it personal and have to use it to learn. Criticism can be hard to face so you must “thick skin”. This is a very good lesson to learn for life. Everyone is going to face criticism to a certain extent at some point in there lives. People have to be prepared for it. They have to stick to their opinions and focus on the criticism only when it can help the company, or whatever the person is doing, succeed. This can be hard for people to do, and certainly is hard for me to do. When I get criticized, I try to look past it and not take it personally but I am not always able to do this. After hearing this answer, I understand that the criticism is never going to end. I have to be able to look past it and toughen up. Depending on what I want to do in the future, the criticism I get could possibly be a lot harsher than the criticism I receive now.  My parents give me advice like this, but it is good to hear it and have it reinforced by a well known figure in society and to show that everyone deals with the same things no matter how successful you are. 


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