And That’s a Wrap Of Junior Year

Over the course of the year I have learned many interesting things that I had not known before. I learned and now fully understand all the elements of modern and postmodern texts and I have a better understanding of what existentialism is. I feel like I have progressed in my writing, reading, and annotating skills. Writing blog posts often really helped me with all these skills. In order to write a good post, I had to read, listen, or watch something interesting I found then analyse it and write about it. I see the progression I have made in my skills by reading my first blog post compared to my most recent blog post.

One of my favorite blog posts I wrote was “How I Fell Out of Love With Instagram”. In this post I discuss how Instagram became the new social media obsession in 2010. I talk about how it it progressed over the years and what changes Instagram made that affected people using it. I explain why I do not like Instagram anymore. This was one of the only creative pieces we wrote all year and I really enjoyed branching away from standard writing. This post was very personal and I had a lot to say about Instagram and how it changed our world.

Another one of my favorite blog posts I have written this year was “The Handmaid’s Tale”. In this post I talked about my new favorite show. I encourage everyone to watch it if you haven’t before! It is amazing. I was then able to connect the show to the book 1984, which we read in class, and to past events in history like the Holocaust. I was fascinated with these connections I made and felt that my readers would be interested in them as well.

Another blog post I really enjoy is “Is the Internet Becoming Too Powerful?”. I watched Shane Dawson’s conspiracy video about deep fakes and our phones always listening to us. At this time we were discussing surveillance and privacy in english class. I decided that it would be a great blog post topic because I would be able to connect it to the out class and many people would be able to connect to it as well even if they were not in that english class.

If you have not read any of my blog posts I encourage you to read some. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest you look at the three posts I mentions first because those are the ones I enjoy the most and the ones I think my readers will like the most.

Although this school year is over, I hope to continue my blog and to reflect on the interesting things see and learn.


image credits: blog-post-pic.png

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